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23. & 24. August 2024

Hallbergmoos - Munich

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Nestled in the picturesque Hallbergmoos near Munich, the pulsating heart of the TRVEHEIM Festival unfolds on the expansive grounds of the Hausler Hof.

This magical place vibrates with the pure energy of rock, unleashed within the impressive concert hall, where the powerful rhythms of heavy metal bands echo into the night. Their exhilarating tones charge the air with an unmatched energy, creating an atmosphere like no other.

In front of the concert hall, a cozy beer garden awaits, blending traditional Bavarian hospitality with modern festival culture. Here you can refresh yourself with a cool, freshly tapped beer and sample a variety of delicious, freshly prepared dishes that awaken your senses and tantalize your palate.

Our nearby campground offers you a comfortable retreat that is within easy walking distance. Surrounded by nature, it provides a relaxed contrast to the exciting festival activities. Here you can pitch your tent, forge new friendships, and dream under the starry sky.

To ensure the smooth running of the festival, vehicles must be parked on a separate, well-signposted car park, just a few minutes' walk from the festival grounds.

You can find all the detailed information about the venue and the rules of the TRVEHEIM Festival in our rules section. We look forward to welcoming you to this unique festival, which will enchant you with its unforgettable mix of music, culture, and community.

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