26. & 27. August 2022

Hallbergmoos - Munich

Location: Hausler Hof - Hallbergmoos

before we start to rock... Please read all of the "Rules" carefully. You'll find everything you need to know about the TRVEHEIM festival in our rules. A careful reading saves a lot of questions.

The TRVEHEIM Festival...

2018 will be the third time the TRVEHEIM festival takes place. In 2016 we started in Otterfing, south of Munich. In 2017 we already were at todays great location, the Hausler Hof in Hallbergmoos. Now the festival is located near the Munich Airport. This gives a lot of international guest a better way of reaching the festival. Even the Munich S-Bahn stops in Hallbergmoos and the Autobahn A9 and A92 are nearby!

Festival wristband and parking

You can only access the festival ground with a valid wristband. At the entrance you'll have to show your ticket once and as soon as we validate it, you'll get the official TRVEHEIM festival wristband. Of course you have to wear it during the festival to be able to access the holy grounds of TRVEHEIM. If you come by car, you have to park on the parking lot just before the official entrance. Parking is free of charge for all festival guests. Unfortunately sleeping in your car is prohibited because of local laws and our security team will enforce that. In case you want to sleep in your car or camper, we offer a special camper parking.

But you'll need, additionally to your normal festival ticket and the camp ticket, one of the limited camper tickets (Car-Sleeping-Ticket). The camper parking is located near the official camping site. As said... camper tickets are strictly limited!

If you own a regular Weekend-Ticket, the camping is included in the ticket price.

Lost and found

All lost property can be claimed at the festival-staff during the festival. After the festival all lost and found stuff will be kept safe by the TRVEHEIM Team.

In case you lost something write an Email to: lostandfound@trveheim.com.

Please describe your property as exactly as possible. We will answer as soon as possible.