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23. & 24. August 2024

Hallbergmoos - Munich

RULES ON THE Festival Ground


Entrance Control


Audio / Video / Photo


Of course you are allowed to take pictures for private use. But you must not create audio- and video recordings. Otherwise we might have to take legal actions.

Please leave professional photo equipment at home so you won't even be tempted.

Also you wouldn't even be able to go into the festival area with that kind of gear.

This, of course, does not apply to professional photographers and journalists who asked for permission in advance.

For a permission please turn to:


Glass bottles / Food and drinks


Glass bottles, glass containers, metal cans, canisters, camel-bags and plastic bottles are not allowed inside die festival area.

But of course you will find a big variety of foods and drinks at fair rates again.


Entrance Security


If you want to see a certain band very badly, you should move to the stage and the festival area early enough.

At the entrance you will be checked for glass, cans, weapons and other dangerous and forbidden stuff.

And of course you have to show your TRVEHEIM wristband.

Please understand that we do all those checks for the safety of all of us.




You will find an EC-Terminal at which you can withdraw money with your bank card.

The location will be signposted so you can find it with an empty wallet and a fully working liver.


Validity of the TRVEHEIM wristbands


Only with an undamaged and closed seal on the TRVEHEIM wristband the entrance to the holy grounds of TRVEHEIM will be granted.

In case the seal or the wristband is damaged, we reserved the right to reject you at the entrance.

Please keep the wristband trve!


Camping at TRVEHEIM


General Information


Camping is included in the weekend ticket.

The camping ground, as well as the wristband claim, will open on Thursday at 16:00 and stay open until Sunday, 12:00.

We allow tents and accessories like camping chairs, one pavilion (3 x 3 meter) a camp, gas camping stoves with gas canisters (only the small sizes. No 5kg gas canisters!), small beer kegs (max. 5 liters), cans, plastic bottles and carton packaging.

We do not allow any kind of furniture like couches or arm chairs, any kind of generator, car batteries, dry ice, fridges, laser pointer, bullhorns and grills.

Glass container are due to the risk of injury forbidden.

Your baggage will be checked for glass and any other prohibited stuff.

Please bring your beverages in PET, cans, or small kegs (up to 5 liter).

On the festival ground we will, like in the past years, sell any kind of beverages at fair prices. You need to decide for yourself whether the awful dragging of heavy cans pays off.

A normal pavilion (3 x 3 meter) a camp is generally allowed (works for about 10 people. If there is a bigger group camping together, then you can use more pavilions.) Unnecessary builds like party tents are forbidden. On the entry we will check your baggage for glass and forbidden stuff. Please be aware that this is also for your own safety.

All kinds of generators, especially the gas driven ones, are forbidden because of the fire hazard and unnecessary noise.

Please keep the escape routes free!!!




Trailer are not allowed on the camp ground. Not even for a short period of time.


Important stuff to bring along


There is a lot of stuff you could take along to make yourself feel at home over the weekend. But think about the way you have to walk by foot with all your belongings.

Sometimes less is even more. Especially all the heavy cans full of food and drinks is something to consider taking along. Our prices are, compared to commercial festivals extremely low.

The three most important things to bring to the TRVEHEIM festival are:


  • Tent

  • Sleeping bag

Also do not forget the most important documents:

  • Money / bank card

  • ID-Card / Passport

At all times carry your documents and your cash on you. Best would be if you would carry it in a closeable bag so you don't lose anything.

Bank cards, documents and keys you do not need on that weekend of heavy drinking should be left in the car or even at home in the first place.


Glass bottles


Glass bottles are not allowed on all of the grounds of TRVEHEIM! Beverages in glass bottles and glass container are because of the high risk of injuries and contamination of the grassland highly forbidden.

We will strongly look after that.




Open fires are strictly forbidden! Everywhere!

For your camping stove we allow small gas container (one-way propane tanks) up to 450g. BUT we reserve ourselves the right to withdraw that permission if we do notice the gas containers are getting misused and are going to endanger others.

Also liquid fire starter is because of the high risk of danger, just like grills itself, strictly forbidden!




The camp ground is a protected landscape which we want to leave as we got it. We do want it to look like before we had a bunch of wild people over for concerts and beer. After all we want to make a further TRVEHEIM possible next year. That all worked out just great last year!

Therefore we expect that all kind of trash will be collected and brought to our trash collection site.

We think you understand that this is essential to make TRVEHEIM better each year and keep that awesome location and call it home of TRVEHEIM.

For all that natural trash everybody will produce over the weekend, we organized nice porcelain seats for everybody to use.


Toilets / Showers


At the campsite will be real toilets.

Also we offer hot showers every day for free. That all is included in the ticket price.




If you want to camp near each other in larger groups, we recommend to arrive all together. Please understand that our security will place you and your tent on the camp ground according to the emergency routes. We cannot look after you and your friends.

Keeping the emergency routes free of tents is priority number one!




All kinds of animals and pets do not belong on the camp ground of TRVEHEIM. Therefore it’s not allowed to bring your pet along. Please spare your pet the stressful experience of a festival and leave it at home.




We place great emphasis on the safety and health of our visitors. As the lake has not been tested for water quality and potential hazards, it is explicitly prohibited to enter the water. We respect this requirement of our venue and kindly ask you to do the same.

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