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23. & 24. August 2024

Hallbergmoos - Munich





Hausler Hof


The Hausler Hof is the place where our festival has found its home.

Josef Hausler and his team provide us with exactly the environment we need to organize an event of our magnitude.

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Josef Hausler - Hausler Hof - Heimat des Trveheim Festivals





Erdinger Weißbräu


Erdinger is a big part of our beverage offer since Volume 2.

This is the reason why this logo can be found on most of our cups.


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Erdinger Weißbier - The Whitebeer of Trveheim





B.O.S - Franken Security - Our security service

B.O.S Franken Security


Security is really important for us, therefore we are supported by

B.O.S Franken Security.


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Allianz Benedikt Sappl


We can't carry the whole risk on our shoulders.


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Allianz Benedikt Sappl - Our insurance
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