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23. & 24. August 2024

Hallbergmoos - Munich



Like every other festival the TRVEHEIM festival is not above the law. Therefor the festival will be secured by a professional security team day and night to guarantee a secure and fun TRVEHEIM.

Of course every other security institution will be involved like the police, the fire and rescue service. In case you do have any emergencies you can always call 110 or 112. (Remember: an anonymous call is never possible. Miss-usage will be prosecuted!)

You can also always talk to one of our security personal about any problems.

Even if you just need an information, our employees will help you or tell you who to turn to. You will find someone at the entrance at all times. In case someone need help, please help and do not look away. Tell our employees.

If you have any medical issues, please ask out staff. They will help you.






Even if beer is the only beverage you can think of, we advise to drink some non-alcoholic drinks once in a while. Especially during the hot days of August it is important to stay hydrated to avoid headaches and dizziness. Because that's the job of TRVEHEIMs brain fuckin' bands! Additionally to our concert hall we will provide an uncovered outdoor area. If you stay out in the sun for hours, please use sunscreen to avoid sunburn.




Like you already know, all concerts will be inside. So outside the concert hours you have to be on the camping ground and face the different weathers.

One should be equipped for heavy rain.




In case of a thunder storm your tent is not a safe place to be. We recommend to go to your car since it works as a Faraday cage.

Please offer seats in your car to others who came to TRVEHEIM by without a car. It might get quite romantic and you have another chance to discuss your favorite bands.

The concert halls might even open during the night if the storm gets too bad to provide shelter.

During a thunder storm trees should be avoided since branches could fall down.

Tents should always be locked and loose objects should be secured before you leave for the concerts.


Medical Emergencies


For medical issues you can go to every member of our team. They will get you the help you need. We will call you an ambulance if necessary. Of course you can always call 112 yourself if you have an emergency. An ambulance will be coming for you.

They will ask some important questions:

  • Where are you?

  • What happened?

  • How many casualties are there?

  • Which injuries do you see?

  • Who is calling?

  • Wait for questions!

You can even do a lot yourself!

  1. Your own safety comes first. If possible, start giving first aid. Try to calm everyone around, especially the injured one, down. The need to know help is on the way.

  2. Ask others to guide the ambulance or to tell our staff.

  3. Try to build up a visual barrier. This is quite important for a lot of injured persons.




The next police station will be at the neighbor town of Neufahrn b. Freising in case you need to file a report (phone stolen, damage to property, assault/battery)

If you need immediate help from the police, call 110. (An anonymous call is not possible. Abuse will be prosecuted)

Also our securities can call the police for you. Just ask.




A tent is no safe. In that sight, please just bring what you need. Leave your valuables at home. Be careful and watch your stuff. Report strange situations to our securities. Mobile phones might get lost during the weekend. Ask our stuff where we keep all of the lost and found. Maybe your phone wasn't stolen, you might have just lost it. All lost property can be handed over to our staff and will be collected. Even after the festival you can ask us whether we found your stuff.

Please write an Email with a detailed description of your lost property to We find a way to get your property back to you.




To prevent the risk of fire please note the following:

  • Use only approved gas cartridges (Risk of injuries)

  • No open fire!

  • Don't throw away cigarette butts especially not on dry, flammable grounds

In case of fire you need to act quickly.

It get harder to extinguish a fire the longer it burns. Call 112 first! If you don't have a mobile phone with you, ask somebody or go to our staff or security. They will call for you.


If possible, take actions yourself:


  • Take injured people out of the danger zone. Watch out for the smoke. It's more dangerous than the fire itself.

  • Only help if you won't endanger yourself.

  • Take care of injured people and stay with them. Make sure help is on its way.

  • Ask another person to tell the emergency crews where to go. Our medical team will be on their way to you.

Please note: most fire victims suffocate from poisonous fire smoke you might not even be able to see. Watch your own safety.


Fire extinguishers


There will be plenty of fire extinguishers on the grounds of TRVEHEIM. If you need to find one, ask our staff. They will help you.




Beforehand: Stay Calm! Of course we do not hope to get into a situation where we have to evacuate. But we want to be prepared. As far as possible we try to open the concert hall in case of really bad weather at night. During the day we can just keep going since we are indoors anyways. Also your car will be a safe spot to stay in if the weather turns against us. The whole festival area is equipped with emergency exit signs. In case of any catastrophe please walk calmly to the nearest emergency exit and leave the concert hall. There will be a place where everybody can meet outside the danger zone. Just follow the signs and help others who might not be able to find the nearest exit.


How will I know if I have to leave the concert hall or the camping ground?


We will tell you over the speakers at the stage. Outside we will communicate an evacuation through bullhorns so everybody knows what to do. You can also find all information and developments on the TRVEHEIM Facebook Page.


Are we safe?


Of course we are aware that especially larger events are endangered and could be a target for terrorists.

TRVEHEIM works with the authorities and has a security concept.

That we do not make this concept available for everyone should be clear.

We ask you to understand that you might have to wait a couple of minutes because of the security checks at the entrance.

That way we try to ensure a safe festival without any trouble.

Please help us and report suspicious perceptions to our staff.


Further Rules




Illegal drugs are forbidden at TREVEHEIM. In case we catch you with drugs, we have to report you and even kick you off the festival grounds.




Every guest is liable for any damage he has caused. The German law about the legal protection for children and young people applies. Please take care of your festival wrist band. In case of a lost we do not substitute.


Laser pointer & car batteries


Laser pointer and car batteries are forbidden at TRVEHEIM.

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