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23. & 24. August 2024

Hallbergmoos - Munich

Vol. 5 - Final Lineup

Vol. 5 - Final Lineup
Dear Trveheimers,
here is the complete line-up of 2022.
It may not be the fifth year of Trveheim this year, but it's the fifth edition. So we kind-of feel the urge to leave a few words.
The space-theme is not really by coincidence if you will, as the heavy metal world needs to get to the next level / renew itself. Not alone the past two years have tragically shown that our heroes are slowely fading. Although original Heavy Metal groups will be charished forever we have to build up and enforce the next generations. An issue that is still not considered enough by some with influence.
Of course we are not alone, but for us it has always been the main aim to support the so called NWOTHM!
(you may like the term or not, but you know what we mean)
So we made several steps on that path in the past years, beginning with the simple proportion between young and legendary groups ending with having the uprising on later spots in the running order.
Leaves us with the question what actually is a (co-) headliner?
The ideal headliner has a singing crowd, a loyal following, a unique identity, an inflammatory live show and of course enough songs to play 1.5 hours.
So we made the easy decision: Ambush has all of this.
It's time and well deserved.
We warmheartedly encourage everyone to support the necessary change, otherwise the heavy metal world will slowely fade in the next 5-15 years!
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