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23. & 24. August 2024

Hallbergmoos - Munich

Divlje Jagode has cancelled

Divlje Jagode has cancelled

Dear Trveheimers,

Fortuna is not always on our side... so we sadly have to announce that Divlje Jagode has cancelled their appearance at Trveheim Festival Vol. 6.

Some might have seen the statement of Zele having health issues that deny him playing live for some time. And our show is unfortunately included.

But be assured we are already making arrangements for a possible 2024 together.


Leaves the question, who will play instead?

As you know it's pretty short-handed to find a proper replacement.

On top we had to act swiftly to have correctly printed festival shirts.

And we got all that sorted out!

The new saturday co-headliner will be announced today!


Thanks for the great communication regarding the shirts MillionThoughts-Merchandise.

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