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23. & 24. August 2024

Hallbergmoos - Munich

Added to Lineup: Divlje Jagode

Added to Lineup: Divlje Jagode

Let's go for another of the four headliners of Trveheim Festival Vol. 6

They are the absolute Hard Rock & Heavy Metal powerhouse of the Balkans.

Since their founding year in 1977 they've released an impressive 12 albums.

Especially those from the 80s gained a lot of attention within our community in the past years.

One of their (many) hits is featured in the TRVEHEIM party-playlists since our start in 2016, so it's definitely time that they finally come over to tear our halls apart!


We're extremely hyped to be able to announce:


Divlje Jagode


Motori! Motori!

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